Matchday 1: Kendall Wanderers B

As the Premier League is scheduled to come back from International break this weekend, so too does the BSSL come back from it’s winter offseason. After another encouraging show that saw McGreevy’s boys fall just short to fellow Div 2 Middlesex in the preseason tournament final, SIFC is scheduled to kickoff against Kendall Wanderers B at Danehy Park on Saturday. In typical New England fashion however, the weather has something to say about. A nor’easter found its way to Boston today and the chance of snow accumulating through tomorrow afternoon has put doubt on the fixture. The lads are itching to lace up and show the BSSL the hard work done in the offseason, but no one could have accounted for this storm. Please stay tuned to our twitter for updates. #WeGoAgain2017 #SIFC

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